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I’m Finally Doing This (Creating an Author’s Website That is) !

Thanks for being here. As I write this, I am just starting to put this new website together. It finally dawned on me after all of these years to construct a website dedicated to promoting myself as a professional writer. I have had my various blogs such as The Warm Milk Journal, Courageously Go! and Menopause: The Journey – but this will be something different. I am working on getting all of my various writing projects together in one place.

I will have all of my various projects and services here and in this blog I will start writing about whatever I want to write about. You will get the latest Debra DiPietro musings and happenings. I have done a lot of things in my life, but writing really is my God-given talent and passion. After several years of not doing a whole lot creatively (blame Covid-19, menopause, or who knows what….)? – I am ready to get focused and get to work!

As I develop this website I will keep adding more content. For now, basically I am here to share with you my book, blogs, and online articles that I have published. If you want to follow me or buy me book. Great! If you want to hire me for a copywriting project or something else in the writing and digital marketing world… we can talk.

Again, thanks for being here.


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